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add magic to autogenerate some /etc files for eazel-helper and put...

add magic to autogenerate some /etc files for eazel-helper and put them in the right place during 'make install'
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2000-07-10 Robey Pointer <>
* components/services/trilobite/helper/.cvsignore:
* components/services/trilobite/helper/
* components/services/trilobite/helper/eazel-helper.pam:
* components/services/trilobite/helper/
Add magic to autogenerate from
the .in file and copy eazel-helper.pam and
into the proper directory (well, right now, into /gnome/etc, but
that's a separate issue).
2000-07-10 Eskil Heyn Olsen <>
* components/services/docs/installer-rpmsearch:
......@@ -3,3 +3,4 @@
PAM_FILES = eazel-helper.pam
bin_PROGRAMS = eazel-helper
# do mv on a separate step in case the sed fails Makefile
sed -e 's^\@bindir\@^$(bindir)^g' < > \
&& mv
install-data-local: $(PAM_FILES)
mkdir -p $(sysconfdir)/security/console.apps
cp $(sysconfdir)/security/console.apps/eazel-helper
mkdir -p $(sysconfdir)/pam.d
cp eazel-helper.pam $(sysconfdir)/pam.d/eazel-helper
eazel_helper_SOURCES = \
eazel-helper.c \
auth sufficient /lib/security/
auth required /lib/security/
session optional /lib/security/
account required /lib/security/
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