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Add list of needed metadata.

Add list of needed metadata.
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* Metadata on a directory
** background image
** background color (can be a ramp)
** background ramp direction (h or v)
** position and size of window
** actions for "index view"
** Preferred view name
* Metadata for an item
** position of icon
gnomad had bounding box (x, y, width, height)
** width and height of icon (allows stretching each icon)
** image URL for icon (overrides the default)
** list of images / parameterized image for icon that looks different at different zoom levels
** user level at which the item becomes visible (it's invisible at lower user levels)
** list of keywords that item has been tagged with (includes things like "archived")
** notes
** vault path for use in vault synchronization
** last known fingerprint (MD5 sum) for use in vault synchronization
** flag that specifies a particular item is non-draggable
** Media files
*** Title
*** Artist
*** Cover image
* Global prefs
** Current user level
** Open-in-new-window
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