Commit 763109bb authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

file-operations: make sure not to show the dialog before calling _run()

This had no noticeable effect before, but with gnome-shell's modal
dialog animation, it causes the dialog flickering before being picked by
the WM.
parent 01c61be8
......@@ -1081,11 +1081,9 @@ do_run_simple_dialog (gpointer _data)
/* Run it. */
gtk_widget_show (dialog);
result = gtk_dialog_run (GTK_DIALOG (dialog));
while ((result == GTK_RESPONSE_NONE || result == GTK_RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT) && data->ignore_close_box) {
gtk_widget_show (GTK_WIDGET (dialog));
result = gtk_dialog_run (GTK_DIALOG (dialog));
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