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Update for release.

2008-08-20  Christian Neumair  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release.

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2008-08-20 Christian Neumair <>
Update for release.
2008-08-20 Christian Neumair <>
* libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-choosing.c
Major changes in 2.23.90 are:
* Truncate long item labels in the icon view and on the desktop
+ icon_view/text_ellipsis_limit and desktop/text_ellipsis_limit GConf
preferences added (defaults to three lines)
+ expand when hovering, or when selecting a file
* Support restoring of multiple items from trash at once
* Handle scroll events on the path bar
* Fix “same file system” (i.e. copy vs. move) DND check for desktop
* Fix search for content type in simple search backend
* Fix running of scripts on the desktop
* Use more archive file types for file-roller integration for remote locations
* Consolidate zoom handling internals
* Show file name instead of URI in the bookmark editor window for local files
* Polish “Visible Columns“ list view dialog
Major changes in are:
* Fix display name of computer:// icons
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