Commit 5db3b0eb authored by William Jon McCann's avatar William Jon McCann

Add every window to its own window group

This prevents window modal dialogs from blocking the entire app.
parent ff2958cb
......@@ -2250,6 +2250,8 @@ use_extra_mouse_buttons_changed (gpointer callback_data)
static void
nautilus_window_init (NautilusWindow *window)
GtkWindowGroup *window_group;
window->details = G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE (window, NAUTILUS_TYPE_WINDOW, NautilusWindowDetails);
window->details->slots = NULL;
......@@ -2257,6 +2259,10 @@ nautilus_window_init (NautilusWindow *window)
window->details->show_hidden_files_mode = NAUTILUS_WINDOW_SHOW_HIDDEN_FILES_DEFAULT;
window_group = gtk_window_group_new ();
gtk_window_group_add_window (window_group, GTK_WINDOW (window));
g_object_unref (window_group);
/* Set initial window title */
gtk_window_set_title (GTK_WINDOW (window), _("Files"));
gtk_window_set_hide_titlebar_when_maximized (GTK_WINDOW (window), TRUE);
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