Commit 569bf215 authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

file: simplify logic to filter out foreign desktop files

We don't need to check if the file is in the desktop, since the desktop
view will call in with show_foreign = FALSE already.
parent e0b864ee
......@@ -3334,8 +3334,9 @@ nautilus_file_is_hidden_file (NautilusFile *file)
* nautilus_file_should_show:
* @file: the file to check.
* @show_hidden: whether we want to show hidden files or not.
* @file: the file to check
* @show_hidden: whether we want to show hidden files or not
* @show_foreign: whether we want to show foreign files or not
* Determines if a #NautilusFile should be shown. Note that when browsing
* a trash directory, this function will always return %TRUE.
......@@ -3350,10 +3351,17 @@ nautilus_file_should_show (NautilusFile *file,
/* Never hide any files in trash. */
if (nautilus_file_is_in_trash (file)) {
return TRUE;
} else {
return (show_hidden || !nautilus_file_is_hidden_file (file)) &&
(show_foreign || !(nautilus_file_is_in_desktop (file) && nautilus_file_is_foreign_link (file)));
if (!show_hidden && nautilus_file_is_hidden_file (file)) {
return FALSE;
if (!show_foreign && nautilus_file_is_foreign_link (file)) {
return FALSE;
return TRUE;
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