Commit 51da82e9 authored by William Jon McCann's avatar William Jon McCann

Rename entire folder name

Not just the part before the "."
parent ce6abc2e
......@@ -2638,7 +2638,6 @@ nautilus_list_view_start_renaming_file (NautilusView *view,
NautilusListView *list_view;
GtkTreeIter iter;
GtkTreePath *path;
gint start_offset, end_offset;
list_view = NAUTILUS_LIST_VIEW (view);
......@@ -2679,8 +2678,13 @@ nautilus_list_view_start_renaming_file (NautilusView *view,
/* set cursor also triggers editing-started, where we save the editable widget */
if (list_view->details->editable_widget != NULL) {
eel_filename_get_rename_region (list_view->details->original_name,
&start_offset, &end_offset);
int start_offset = 0;
int end_offset = -1;
if (!select_all) {
eel_filename_get_rename_region (list_view->details->original_name,
&start_offset, &end_offset);
gtk_editable_select_region (GTK_EDITABLE (list_view->details->editable_widget),
start_offset, end_offset);
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