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IDL for desktop (this is an external API that apps can use)

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// module Net is for IDL "standardized" among multiple projects
module Net {
// module Desktop contains interfaces for the desktop environment itself - not
// desktop applications
module Desktop {
// This is a simple-to-implement least-common-denominator that
// we might expect any desktop environment to implement.
// Specific environments may provide more powerful interfaces.
interface Desktop {
enum BackgroundType {
enum ImageType {
enum GradientType {
union BackgroundInfo switch (BackgroundType) {
case ImageBackground:
string filename;
ImageType imagetype;
case GradientBackground:
GradientType gradienttype;
// colors are 24-bit RGB packed into an int
int northwest_color; // top or left color
int southeast_color; // bottom or right color
case SolidBackground:
// 24-bit RGB packed into an int
int color;
void get_background_info (out BackgroundInfo info);
void set_background_info (in BackgroundInfo info);
module GNOME {
module Desktop {
// We subclass Net::Desktop and add our GNOME-specific features
interface Desktop : Net::Desktop {
// Add an icon on the desktop for this URI
// The URI can be anything gnome-vfs understands
void add_link (in string uri);
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