Commit 42e86583 authored by António Fernandes's avatar António Fernandes 🐚

canvas-container: Drop get_selected_icons_bounding_box API

This is not used anymore.

We only need one bounding box, which is provided by the new

So remove unused API. We can always revert this if we need it.
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......@@ -5371,49 +5371,6 @@ nautilus_canvas_container_get_icon_bounding_box (NautilusCanvasContainer *contai
return bounding_box;
/* Returns an array of GdkRectangles of the icons. The bounding box is adjusted
* with the pixels_per_unit already, so they are the final positions on the canvas */
static GArray *
nautilus_canvas_container_get_icons_bounding_box (NautilusCanvasContainer *container,
GList *icons)
GArray *result;
GList *node;
int index;
int x1, x2, y1, y2;
result = g_array_new (FALSE, TRUE, sizeof (GdkRectangle));
result = g_array_set_size (result, g_list_length (icons));
for (index = 0, node = icons; node != NULL; index++, node = node->next)
icon_get_bounding_box ((NautilusCanvasIcon *) node->data,
&x1, &y1, &x2, &y2,
g_array_index (result, GdkRectangle, index).x = x1 * EEL_CANVAS (container)->pixels_per_unit;
g_array_index (result, GdkRectangle, index).width = (x2 - x1) * EEL_CANVAS (container)->pixels_per_unit;
g_array_index (result, GdkRectangle, index).y = y1 * EEL_CANVAS (container)->pixels_per_unit;
g_array_index (result, GdkRectangle, index).height = (y2 - y1) * EEL_CANVAS (container)->pixels_per_unit;
return result;
GArray *
nautilus_canvas_container_get_selected_icons_bounding_box (NautilusCanvasContainer *container)
GArray *result;
GList *icons;
g_return_val_if_fail (NAUTILUS_IS_CANVAS_CONTAINER (container), NULL);
icons = nautilus_canvas_container_get_selected_icons (container);
result = nautilus_canvas_container_get_icons_bounding_box (container, icons);
g_list_free (icons);
return result;
* nautilus_canvas_container_get_selected_icon_locations:
* @container: An canvas container widget.
......@@ -259,7 +259,6 @@ void nautilus_canvas_container_invert_selection (NautilusCanvasContainer
void nautilus_canvas_container_set_selection (NautilusCanvasContainer *view,
GList *selection);
GArray * nautilus_canvas_container_get_selected_icon_locations (NautilusCanvasContainer *view);
GArray * nautilus_canvas_container_get_selected_icons_bounding_box (NautilusCanvasContainer *container);
/* options */
NautilusCanvasZoomLevel nautilus_canvas_container_get_zoom_level (NautilusCanvasContainer *view);
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