Commit 3feef425 authored by Christian Neumair's avatar Christian Neumair Committed by Christian Neumair

Update for release.

2008-06-03  Christian Neumair  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update for release.

	Require eel 2.23.2.

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parent 47d0a7e4
2008-06-03 Christian Neumair <>
Update for release.
Require eel 2.23.2.
Sun Jun 1 19:30:58 2008 Søren Sandmann <>
* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-background.c
Major changes in 2.23.3 are:
* Use bilinear interpolation instead of hyperbolic. Massively speeds up thumbnailing.
* Fix thumbnail frame size calculation
* Rework properties dialog
* Remove "Launcher" tab, and move all the launcher properties to "Basic"
* Hide useless file info widgets from "Basic" tab for special locations like "computer:///".
* Support adding files to archives via file-roller
* Add location popup context menu to all path bar buttons
* Fix location popup context menu separators
* Add "Paste Into" item to location popup context menu
* Do not count the same inode twice when calculating directory sizes
* Never copy to "trash:///", never move to "burn:///"
* Never maximize windows opened from shell if a custom geometry has been specified
* Properly close windows displaying the media root location when ejecting a medium
* Empty the clipboard when copying/moving with DND to a container
* Remove libbackground
* Require eel 2.23.2 due to directory background API changes.
Major changes in 2.23.2 are:
* Increase default thumbnailing size limit
* Various fixes to keyboard handling in icon and list view
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ dnl ===========================================================================
m4_define(bonobo_activation_minver, 2.1.0)
m4_define(bonobo_minver, 2.1.0)
m4_define(eel_minver, 2.21.90)
m4_define(eel_minver, 2.23.2)
m4_define(glib_minver, 2.15.6)
m4_define(gnome_desktop_minver, 2.9.91)
m4_define(gnome_minver, 2.14.0)
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