Commit 1f720bb2 authored by Raph Levien's avatar Raph Levien
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Fixed stupid off-by-one error.

parent d11a03fb
2000-05-29 Raph Levien <>
* librsvg/art_render_gradient.c (art_render_gradient_setpix): Fixed
an off-by-one loop error.
2000-05-29 Andy Hertzfeld <>
implemented task 259, simple UI for previewing sounds. Implemented by
......@@ -27,6 +32,58 @@
When the timeout fires, launch a player. If we leave the icon, kill the
timeout and player as necessary.
2000-05-29 Raph Levien <>
This commit adds the ability to render SVG gradients to librsvg.
The full imaging model is supported. However, coordinate handling
is still a subset of the SVG spec. In particular, only
gradientUnits = userSpace is supported, and coordinates can only
be specified in user units (ie not percentages or other CSS
dimensions). Nonetheless, this level of functionality should be
adequate for rendering gradient-containing images converted from
* librsvg/art_render.c:
* librsvg/art_render.h:
* librsvg/art_render_gradient.c:
* librsvg/art_render_gradient.h:
* librsvg/art_render_svp.c:
* librsvg/art_render_svp.h: Added these files, which provide
features of Libart 2.3.0 (ie, cvs HEAD as of today) conditionally
on systems with 2.2.0 (ie, cvs gnome-libs-1-0 as of today)
* librsvg/art_rgba.c:
* librsvg/art_rgba.h:
* librsvg/art_rgba_svp.c:
* librsvg/art_rgba_svp.h: Removed these libart source files, as
they are no longer used (rgba compositing is done in art_render
* librsvg/rsvg.c: Numerous changes to accomodate new paint server
approach (based on libart's new modular rendering architecture).
* librsvg/rsvg-defs.h:
* librsvg/rsvg-defs.c: Added these files, containing utility
functions for managing SVG defs.
* librsvg/rsvg-css.h:
* librsvg/rsvg-css.c: Added these files. Moved all CSS parsing
functions of rsvg.c here.
* librsvg/rsvg-paint-server.h:
* librsvg/rsvg-paint-server.c: Added these files. Filling and
stroking are now done through the paint server abstraction
rather than direct calls to Libart.
* librsvg/test.svg: Added this test file containing some SVG
* librsvg/ Added new files.
* librsvg/test-rsvg.c (main): Added multiple iteration option, for
memory leak testing.
2000-05-29 John Sullivan <>
* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-list.c:
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ art_render_gradient_setpix (ArtRender *render,
else if (ix == n_stops)
for (j = 0; j < n_ch + 1; j++)
for (j = 0; j < n_ch; j++)
int z;
z = stops[ix].color[j];
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