Commit 18dcba8f authored by Jonathan Blandford's avatar Jonathan Blandford
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oops -- braino

parent 5c498745
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ ElementInfo toc_elements[] = {
{ HOLDER, "holder", NULL, NULL, (charactersSAXFunc) toc_copyright_characters},
{ TITLE, "title", (startElementSAXFunc) toc_title_start_element, (endElementSAXFunc) toc_title_end_element, (charactersSAXFunc) toc_title_characters },
{ SUBTITLE, "subtitle", (startElementSAXFunc) toc_title_start_element, (endElementSAXFunc) toc_title_end_element, (charactersSAXFunc) toc_title_characters },
{ ULINK, "ulink", (startElementSAXFunc) ulink_start_element, (endElementSAXFunc) ulink_end_element, (charactersSAXFunc) write_characters},
{ ULINK, "ulink", NULL, NULL, NULL}, //(startElementSAXFunc) toc_ulink_start_element, (endElementSAXFunc) toc_ulink_end_element, (charactersSAXFunc) write_characters},
{ XREF, "xref", NULL, NULL, NULL},
{ FOOTNOTE, "footnote", NULL, NULL, NULL},
{ FIGURE, "figure", NULL, NULL, NULL},
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