Commit 179b688c authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

window: remove unused code

parent b12aeed5
......@@ -203,12 +203,7 @@ void nautilus_window_set_active_pane (Nautil
NautilusWindowPane * nautilus_window_get_active_pane (NautilusWindow *window);
void nautilus_send_history_list_changed (void);
void nautilus_remove_from_history_list_no_notify (GFile *location);
gboolean nautilus_add_bookmark_to_history_list (NautilusBookmark *bookmark);
gboolean nautilus_add_to_history_list_no_notify (GFile *location,
const char *name,
gboolean has_custom_name,
GIcon *icon);
GList * nautilus_get_history_list (void);
void nautilus_window_bookmarks_preference_changed_callback (gpointer user_data);
......@@ -1636,10 +1636,6 @@ nautilus_add_bookmark_to_history_list (NautilusBookmark *bookmark)
free_history_list_is_set_up = TRUE;
/* g_warning ("Add to history list '%s' '%s'",
nautilus_bookmark_get_name (bookmark),
nautilus_bookmark_get_uri (bookmark)); */
if (!history_list ||
nautilus_bookmark_compare_uris (history_list->data, bookmark)) {
g_object_ref (bookmark);
......@@ -1661,32 +1657,6 @@ nautilus_add_bookmark_to_history_list (NautilusBookmark *bookmark)
return FALSE;
nautilus_remove_from_history_list_no_notify (GFile *location)
NautilusBookmark *bookmark;
bookmark = nautilus_bookmark_new (location, "", FALSE, NULL);
remove_from_history_list (bookmark);
g_object_unref (bookmark);
nautilus_add_to_history_list_no_notify (GFile *location,
const char *name,
gboolean has_custom_name,
GIcon *icon)
NautilusBookmark *bookmark;
gboolean ret;
bookmark = nautilus_bookmark_new (location, name, has_custom_name, icon);
ret = nautilus_add_bookmark_to_history_list (bookmark);
g_object_unref (bookmark);
return ret;
NautilusWindowSlot *
nautilus_window_get_slot_for_view (NautilusWindow *window,
NautilusView *view)
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