Commit 0d0d327a authored by John Sullivan's avatar John Sullivan
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Took out unused variables that my -Wall-free compile didn't notice.

parent d2e7371f
2000-01-03 John Sullivan <>
* Took out unused local variables. My compiler didn't
notice these because -Wall isn't in our compile flags.
Darin is fixing the compile flags.
2000-01-03 Elliot Lee <> 2000-01-03 Elliot Lee <>
* All files: Update copyright notices. * All files: Update copyright notices.
...@@ -391,7 +391,6 @@ static void ...@@ -391,7 +391,6 @@ static void
nautilus_bookmarklist_save_file (NautilusBookmarklist *bookmarks) nautilus_bookmarklist_save_file (NautilusBookmarklist *bookmarks)
{ {
xmlDocPtr doc; xmlDocPtr doc;
xmlNodePtr tree, subtree;
doc = xmlNewDoc("1.0"); doc = xmlNewDoc("1.0");
doc->root = xmlNewDocNode(doc, NULL, "bookmarks", NULL); doc->root = xmlNewDocNode(doc, NULL, "bookmarks", NULL);
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