Commit 0932a669 authored by Ramiro Estrugo's avatar Ramiro Estrugo

Add nautilis-widgets to the tree.

parent 38519354
2000-03-10 Ramiro Estrugo <>
* nautilus-widgets:
New directory. A place to put generic widgets that are not
necessarily coupled to nautilus.
* Added nautilus-widgets
* Added nautilus-widgets
* nautilus-widgets/nautilus-radio-button-group.h,
* nautilus-widgets/nautilus-radio-button-group.c: Added a radio
group widget.
* nautilus-widgets/test-nautilus-widgets.c: Test program for
2000-03-10 Maciej Stachowiak <>
* src/ntl-window.c, src/ntl-window.h: store zoom_control object in
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