Commit 07fa5cdf authored by Carlos Soriano Sánchez's avatar Carlos Soriano Sánchez
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window-slot: use cancel_change instead of end_change

Nautilus slot ends any location change before starting a new
one or when is done loading.

The done loading signal is emitted when the view finalize to load
a directory.

However, when loading a new location, if the previous one was not
finalized to load, nautilus was crashing, due to the is-loading signal
in the view first emitting it for finalizing the previous location

Then the callback of window slot was freeing the new_content_view,
because this callback can be done when canceling a location change.
However, at that time, the new_content_view is actually the one which
is going to be used as a content view when we are just changing
locations, for example, while searching.

It's kind of strange that the callback of the view ending a load
frees the new_content_view, since this is already managed by setup_view.
And since we already have a cancel_location_change, we can use that
on the majority of situations when we actually want to cancel a change,
and let the end_location callback for the specific case of ending a load
of the view.

So now only the cancel_location_change frees the new_content_view, and
we avoid a crash freeing the current view while loading it when changing

This is the last patch of the series of patches to fix the crashing
nautilus while searching.
parent 7d45760c
......@@ -919,11 +919,7 @@ begin_location_change (NautilusWindowSlot *slot,
nautilus_window_slot_disconnect_content_view (slot);
/* We are going to change the location, so make sure we stop any loading
* or searching of the previous view, so we avoid to be slow */
if (slot->details->content_view && NAUTILUS_IS_FILES_VIEW (slot->details->content_view)) {
nautilus_files_view_stop_loading (NAUTILUS_FILES_VIEW (slot->details->content_view));
end_location_change (slot);
nautilus_window_slot_stop_loading (slot);
nautilus_window_slot_set_allow_stop (slot, TRUE);
......@@ -1560,11 +1556,6 @@ free_location_change (NautilusWindowSlot *slot)
got_file_info_for_view_selection_callback, slot);
slot->details->determine_view_file = NULL;
if (slot->details->new_content_view != NULL) {
g_object_unref (slot->details->new_content_view);
slot->details->new_content_view = NULL;
static void
......@@ -1603,6 +1594,11 @@ cancel_location_change (NautilusWindowSlot *slot)
end_location_change (slot);
if (slot->details->new_content_view) {
g_object_unref (slot->details->new_content_view);
slot->details->new_content_view = NULL;
......@@ -1627,7 +1623,7 @@ nautilus_window_slot_set_content_view (NautilusWindowSlot *slot,
selection = nautilus_view_get_selection (slot->details->content_view);
view = nautilus_files_view_new (id, slot);
end_location_change (slot);
nautilus_window_slot_stop_loading (slot);
nautilus_window_slot_set_allow_stop (slot, TRUE);
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