Commit 00b4751e authored by Yannig MARCHEGAY's avatar Yannig MARCHEGAY
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Updated Occitan translation

svn path=/trunk/; revision=13690
parent 36af435b
......@@ -851,7 +851,7 @@ msgstr "Visualizar la barra d'emplaçament dins las fenèstras novèlas"
#: ../libnautilus-private/
msgid "Show mounted volumes on the desktop"
msgstr "Visualizar los volums mostrats sul burèu"
msgstr "Visualizar los volums montats sul burèu"
#: ../libnautilus-private/
msgid "Show side pane in new windows"
......@@ -5310,7 +5310,7 @@ msgstr "_Fenèstra novèla"
#. name, stock id, label
#: ../src/nautilus-navigation-window-menus.c:476
msgid "Open another Nautilus window for the displayed location"
msgstr "Dobrir una novèla fenèstra de Nautilus pel emplaçament visualizat"
msgstr "Dobrir una novèla fenèstra de Nautilus per l'emplaçament visualizat"
#: ../src/nautilus-navigation-window-menus.c:478
msgid "Open Folder W_indow"
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