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    re-remove the per display IID creation scheme - it's broken. · e7c91ff2
    Michael Meeks authored
    2002-01-23  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
    	* libnautilus/nautilus-view-standard-main.c
    	(nautilus_view_standard_main_multi): re-remove the
    	per display IID creation scheme - it's broken.
    	* components/throbber/nautilus-throbber.c
    	(nautilus_throbber_draw): kill, no draw methods
    	in gtk 2.0
    	(draw_throbber_image): remove bonobo bug
    	workaround, if it still exists it should be fixed
    	in bonobo and fold into
    	(nautilus_throbber_expose): here
    	(draw_pixbuf): fold into
    	(nautilus_throbber_expose): here, and fix
    	rendering bugs.
    	(nautilus_throbber_size_allocate): kill bogus
    	sizing logic.
    	(nautilus_throbber_button_release_event): do
    	(nautilus_throbber_destroy): remove
    2002-01-21  Michael Meeks  <michael@ximian.com>
    	* src/nautilus-window.c,
    	* src/nautilus-application.c,
    	* src/nautilus-view-frame.c,
    	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-undo-manager.c,
    	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-metafile-factory.c,
    	* libnautilus/nautilus-undo-transaction.c,
    	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-metafile.c
    	(get_factory): update referencing.
    	* libnautilus/nautilus-view.c
    	(nautilus_view_get_view_frame): impl. helper to
    	reduce sync CORBA traffic.
    	(view_frame_call_end, view_frame_call_begin): upd.
    	(nautilus_view_dispose): release the CORBA ref. if we
    	took it.
    	(nautilus_view_set_frame): unset the frame if we
    	loose it.
    	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-bonobo-extensions.c
    	(add_numbered_menu_item_internal): kill the label encoding.
    	(nautilus_bonobo_add_submenu): ditto.
    	(nautilus_bonobo_set_icon): kill unused.
    	* components/adaptor/bonobo-stream-vfs.[ch]: remove, now
    	inside gnome-vfs.
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