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    reviewed by: John Sullivan <sullivan@eazel.com> · 2832fe10
    Darin Adler authored
    	Fix bug 7494 (History sidebar component spews assertions when
    	closing nautilus window (and sometimes crashes)):
    	* components/history/nautilus-history-view.c: (update_history):
    	Don't try to update the history list widget if it's already
    	destroyed. Also handle the case where it's destroyed by an unref
    	call coming in through CORBA inside the nautilus_bookmark_new
    	function. This is a larger design problem, but this handles the
    	case that's actually occurring.
    	(nautilus_history_view_initialize): Ref the history list widget.
    	(nautilus_history_view_destroy): Set the "destroyed" boolean if
    	someone has connected one. Unref the history list widget.  Also,
    	don't bother clearing it since it is going to be destroyed anyway.
    	Fix bug 7514 (Intel/AMD branding on Hardware View CPU picture is
    	not something we're authorized to use):
    	* components/hardware/icons/cpu.png: Updated with new image from
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