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    libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-entry.c Refined undo support. · 1f47ad6c
    Gene Z. Ragan authored
    2000-05-03  Gene Z. Ragan <gzr@eazel.com>
    	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-entry.c
    	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-entry.h:
    	Refined undo support.
    	New function to set internal handling of ctl-z for undo.
    	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-icon-container.c
    	Removed deletion of undo transaction.  This is now handled
    	by the owner of the widget.
    	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-undo-manager.c
    	New function to unregister a GtkObject form the undo manager.
    	Any transaction that contains the object is removed from the
    	undo and redo lists.  This should be called for any object that
    	is no longer available for user interaction.
    	* libnautilus-extensions/nautilus-undo-transaction.c
    	Function added to support nautilus_undo_manager_unregister_object()
    	call in the undo manager.  Each NautilusUndoable in a transaction
    	is checked for the object to be removed.
    	* src/file-manager/fm-icon-view.c:
    	* src/file-manager/fm-properties-window.c
    	Added call to unregister rename widget form undo manager.
    	* src/nautilus-bookmarks-window.c
    	Added undo support for entry widgets.
    	* src/nautilus-location-bar.c
    	Changed to support modified undo manager APIs.
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