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    clutter/stage-cogl: Reschedule update on present · 4faeb127
    Daniel van Vugt authored
    If an update (new frame) had been scheduled already before
    `_clutter_stage_cogl_presented` was called then that means it was
    scheduled for the wrong time. Because the `last_presentation_time` has
    changed since then. And using an `update_time` based on an outdated
    presentation time results in scheduling frames too early, filling the
    buffer queue (triple buffering or worse) and high visual latency.
    So if we do receive a presentation event when an update is already
    scheduled, remember to reschedule the update based on the newer
    `last_presentation_time`. This way we avoid overfilling the buffer queue
    and limit ourselves to double buffering for less visible lag.
    Closes: #334
    Prerequisite: !520
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