1. 14 Nov, 2018 16 commits
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      clutter: Avoid redundant margin changes · 59acb389
      Daniel van Vugt authored
      When profiling gnome-shell it was found that one of the main triggers
      of `clutter_actor_queue_relayout` during animations was
      `clutter_actor_set_margin_internal` continuously setting the same
      zero margins. That's obviously pointless but also expensive since it
      incurs full stage relayouts and reallocation. So just avoid redundant
      margin changes.
      Helps to further improve:
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      window: Really force update monitor on hot plugs · fa495286
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      Commit 8d3e0530 ("window: Force update monitor on hot plugs") added the
      `update_monitor()` from `update_for_monitors_changed()`.
      However, `update_for_monitors_changed()` may choose to call another code
      path to `move_between_rects()` and `meta_window_move_resize_internal()`
      As `meta_window_move_resize_internal()` does not use the "force" flag,
      we may still end up in case where the window->monitor is left unchanged.
      To avoid that problem, add a new `MetaMoveResizeFlags` that
      `update_for_monitors_changed()` can use to force the monitor update from
      Fixes: 8d3e0530 ("window: Force update monitor on hot plugs")
      Closes: #189
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