clutter-stage: Replace cogl_clear by cogl_framebuffer_clear

Another case of a simple and direct API translation. Instead of
using the deprecated cogl_clear() function, replace it by the
non-deprecated cogl_framebuffer_clear().
parent 605f35dd
......@@ -1500,7 +1500,7 @@ _clutter_stage_do_pick_on_view (ClutterStage *stage,
view_layout.x, view_layout.y, fb_scale);
cogl_color_init_from_4ub (&stage_pick_id, 255, 255, 255, 255);
cogl_clear (&stage_pick_id, COGL_BUFFER_BIT_COLOR | COGL_BUFFER_BIT_DEPTH);
cogl_framebuffer_clear (fb, COGL_BUFFER_BIT_COLOR | COGL_BUFFER_BIT_DEPTH, &stage_pick_id);
/* Disable dithering (if any) when doing the painting in pick mode */
dither_enabled_save = cogl_framebuffer_get_dither_enabled (fb);
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