Commit cc0b093f authored by Giovanni Campagna's avatar Giovanni Campagna Committed by Giovanni Campagna

MonitorConfig: fix hole filling in the laptop lid automatic configuration

Need two passes, because the order we traverse the array is
alphabetical on connector name, not left to right, so we might
see a monitor on the right before we get the offset from disabling
the primary monitor.
parent d25275fa
......@@ -946,9 +946,12 @@ make_laptop_lid_config (MetaConfiguration *reference)
y_offset = current_output->rect.height;
new->outputs[i] = *current_output;
for (i = 0; i < new->n_outputs; i++)
if (new->outputs[i].enabled)
new->outputs[i] = *current_output;
if (new->outputs[i].rect.x > x_after)
new->outputs[i].rect.x -= x_offset;
if (new->outputs[i].rect.y > y_after)
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