Commit c8db8bbe authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl

backend/x11/nested: Always claim the lid is open

The nested backend used the value from udev, meaning that one couldn't
configure the fake monitor if the laptop panel of the host was closed.
Avoid this annoyance by always having the nested backend claiming the
lid is open.
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......@@ -131,6 +131,12 @@ meta_backend_x11_nested_set_keymap (MetaBackend *backend,
static gboolean
meta_backend_x11_nested_is_lid_closed (MetaBackend *backend)
return FALSE;
static gboolean
meta_backend_x11_nested_handle_host_xevent (MetaBackendX11 *x11,
XEvent *event)
......@@ -192,6 +198,7 @@ meta_backend_x11_nested_class_init (MetaBackendX11NestedClass *klass)
backend_class->select_stage_events = meta_backend_x11_nested_select_stage_events;
backend_class->lock_layout_group = meta_backend_x11_nested_lock_layout_group;
backend_class->set_keymap = meta_backend_x11_nested_set_keymap;
backend_class->is_lid_closed = meta_backend_x11_nested_is_lid_closed;
backend_x11_class->handle_host_xevent = meta_backend_x11_nested_handle_host_xevent;
backend_x11_class->translate_device_event = meta_backend_x11_nested_translate_device_event;
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