Commit c7b55ccb authored by Elijah Newren's avatar Elijah Newren

Bring rationales.txt up to date

parent b42ac36a
2004-03-07 Elijah Newren <>
* rationales.txt: Bring up to date (see bug 136252).
2004-03-07 Havoc Pennington <>
* 2.7.1
......@@ -2,18 +2,24 @@
Focus windows on map: see
Focus windows on map: see
Keep panel always on top:
Edge flipping:
Opaque resize:
Super+click to resize:
Alt+click to move/resize:
minimized windows in Alt+tab:
dialogs above entire app group:
display window size/position:,
display window size/position:
configure click actions, alt+click:
system modal dialogs:
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