Commit a796938b authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor

MetaWindowGroup: fix paint volume

In the past, MetaWindowGroup was allocated the size of the screen and
painted the size of the screen because it contained the screen background,
but now we also have the "top window group" which contains only popup
windows, so the allocation doesn't properly reflect the paint bounds
of the window group. Compute the paint bounds accurately from the
parent 3813113f
......@@ -202,11 +202,30 @@ meta_window_group_paint (ClutterActor *actor)
meta_cullable_reset_culling (META_CULLABLE (window_group));
/* Adapted from clutter_actor_update_default_paint_volume() */
static gboolean
meta_window_group_get_paint_volume (ClutterActor *actor,
meta_window_group_get_paint_volume (ClutterActor *self,
ClutterPaintVolume *volume)
return clutter_paint_volume_set_from_allocation (volume, actor);
ClutterActorIter iter;
ClutterActor *child;
clutter_actor_iter_init (&iter, self);
while (clutter_actor_iter_next (&iter, &child))
const ClutterPaintVolume *child_volume;
child_volume = clutter_actor_get_transformed_paint_volume (child, self);
if (child_volume == NULL)
return FALSE;
clutter_paint_volume_union (volume, child_volume);
return TRUE;
static void
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