Commit a4e69f33 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

clutter: Reuse GTK+'s RTL/LTR handling

Commit a4fb7ef5 dropped translations of our internal cogl/clutter
forks, which broke the local-based text direction support. Instead
of bringing back translations just for this purpose, we can re-use
GTK's translations which use the same technique.
parent d0454628
......@@ -719,14 +719,8 @@ clutter_get_text_direction (void)
/* Translators: Leave this UNTRANSLATED if your language is
* left-to-right. If your language is right-to-left
* (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic), translate it to "default:RTL".
* Do NOT translate it to non-English e.g. "predefinito:LTR"! If
* it isn't default:LTR or default:RTL it will not work.
char *e = _("default:LTR");
/* Re-use GTK+'s LTR/RTL handling */
const char *e = g_dgettext ("gtk30", "default:LTR");
if (strcmp (e, "default:RTL") == 0)
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