Commit 95649fd2 authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl

wayland/data-device: Focus out when focus surface destroyed

When repicking after a surface was destroyed, if the destroyed surface
was the drag focus, we'd try to focus-out from it after it was
destroyed, causing a NULL pointer dereference.

Fixes: GNOME/mutter#336
parent 49780245
......@@ -690,6 +690,7 @@ struct _MetaWaylandDragGrab {
struct wl_client *drag_client;
MetaWaylandSurface *drag_focus;
gulong drag_focus_destroy_handler_id;
struct wl_resource *drag_focus_data_device;
struct wl_listener drag_focus_listener;
......@@ -715,6 +716,17 @@ destroy_drag_focus (struct wl_listener *listener, void *data)
MetaWaylandDragGrab *grab = wl_container_of (listener, grab, drag_focus_listener);
grab->drag_focus_data_device = NULL;
g_signal_handler_disconnect (grab->drag_focus,
grab->drag_focus = NULL;
static void
on_drag_focus_destroyed (MetaWaylandSurface *surface,
MetaWaylandDragGrab *grab)
meta_wayland_surface_drag_dest_focus_out (grab->drag_focus);
grab->drag_focus = NULL;
......@@ -777,6 +789,8 @@ meta_wayland_drag_grab_set_focus (MetaWaylandDragGrab *drag_grab,
if (drag_grab->drag_focus)
meta_wayland_surface_drag_dest_focus_out (drag_grab->drag_focus);
g_signal_handler_disconnect (drag_grab->drag_focus,
drag_grab->drag_focus = NULL;
......@@ -804,6 +818,10 @@ meta_wayland_drag_grab_set_focus (MetaWaylandDragGrab *drag_grab,
offer = meta_wayland_data_source_send_offer (source, data_device_resource);
drag_grab->drag_focus = surface;
drag_grab->drag_focus_destroy_handler_id =
g_signal_connect (surface, "destroy",
G_CALLBACK (on_drag_focus_destroyed),
drag_grab->drag_focus_data_device = data_device_resource;
meta_wayland_surface_drag_dest_focus_in (drag_grab->drag_focus,
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