Commit 8b34b4bd authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor

MutterShapedWindow: drop all indirect references to textures

We don't get correct notifications for the ::cogl-texture property of
ClutterTexture in the case when we are unsetting the pixmap before calling
XFreePixmap. (This is because ClutterX11TexturePixmap is a hack on top
of ClutterTexture and we're a hack on top of that.) So we need to manually
clear everything out.

For consistency we also make sure that we drop all references to dead

 - When the shape changes
 - If the window pixmap texture changes without first being cleared
   (this is not expected to happen)
parent 8cce57ba
......@@ -166,6 +166,8 @@ mutter_shaped_texture_notify (GObject *object,
MutterShapedTexture *stex = (MutterShapedTexture *) object;
MutterShapedTexturePrivate *priv = stex->priv;
mutter_shaped_texture_clear (stex);
if (priv->create_mipmaps)
mutter_texture_tower_set_base_texture (priv->paint_tower,
clutter_texture_get_cogl_texture (CLUTTER_TEXTURE (stex)));
......@@ -190,6 +192,9 @@ mutter_shaped_texture_dirty_mask (MutterShapedTexture *stex)
cogl_handle_unref (priv->mask_texture);
priv->mask_texture = COGL_INVALID_HANDLE;
if (priv->material != COGL_INVALID_HANDLE)
cogl_material_set_layer (priv->material, 1, COGL_INVALID_HANDLE);
......@@ -517,6 +522,40 @@ mutter_shaped_texture_set_create_mipmaps (MutterShapedTexture *stex,
/* This is a workaround for deficiencies in the hack tower:
* When we call clutter_x11_texture_pixmap_set_pixmap(tp, None),
* ClutterX11TexturePixmap knows that it has to get rid of the old texture, but
* clutter_texture_set_cogl_texture(texture, COGL_INVALID_HANDLE) isn't allowed, so
* it grabs the material for the texture and manually sets the texture in it. This means
* that the "cogl-texture" property isn't notified, so we don't find out about it.
* And if we keep the CoglX11TexturePixmap around after the X pixmap is freed, then
* we'll trigger X errors when we actually try to free it.
* The only correct thing to do here is to change our code to derive
* from ClutterActor and get rid of the inheritance hack tower. Once
* we want to depend on Clutter-1.4 (which has CoglTexturePixmapX11),
* that will be very easy to do.
mutter_shaped_texture_clear (MutterShapedTexture *stex)
MutterShapedTexturePrivate *priv;
g_return_if_fail (MUTTER_IS_SHAPED_TEXTURE (stex));
priv = stex->priv;
mutter_texture_tower_set_base_texture (priv->paint_tower, COGL_INVALID_HANDLE);
if (priv->material != COGL_INVALID_HANDLE)
cogl_material_set_layer (priv->material, 0, COGL_INVALID_HANDLE);
if (priv->material_unshaped != COGL_INVALID_HANDLE)
cogl_material_set_layer (priv->material_unshaped, 0, COGL_INVALID_HANDLE);
mutter_shaped_texture_clear_rectangles (MutterShapedTexture *stex)
......@@ -89,6 +89,8 @@ ClutterActor *mutter_shaped_texture_new (void);
void mutter_shaped_texture_set_create_mipmaps (MutterShapedTexture *stex,
gboolean create_mipmaps);
void mutter_shaped_texture_clear (MutterShapedTexture *stex);
void mutter_shaped_texture_clear_rectangles (MutterShapedTexture *stex);
void mutter_shaped_texture_add_rectangle (MutterShapedTexture *stex,
......@@ -1028,8 +1028,15 @@ mutter_window_detach (MutterWindow *self)
if (!priv->back_pixmap)
/* Get rid of all references to the pixmap before freeing it; it's unclear whether
* you are supposed to be able to free a GLXPixmap after freeing the underlying
* pixmap, but it certainly doesn't work with current DRI/Mesa
clutter_x11_texture_pixmap_set_pixmap (CLUTTER_X11_TEXTURE_PIXMAP (priv->actor),
mutter_shaped_texture_clear (MUTTER_SHAPED_TEXTURE (priv->actor));
XFreePixmap (xdisplay, priv->back_pixmap);
priv->back_pixmap = None;
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