Commit 7bfc9109 authored by Daniel Drake's avatar Daniel Drake

frame: remove unnecessary server grab

meta_window_ensure_frame() creates its own grab and has a comment
claiming that it must be called under a grab too.

But the reasoning given in the comment does not seem relevant here.
We only frame non-override-redirect windows, so we are creating
the frame in response to MapRequest. There is no way that the child
could receive a MapNotify at this point, since that only happens
much later, once we go through the CALC_SHOWING queue and call
XMapWindow() from meta_window_show().

Remove the unnecessary grab.
parent becbad56
......@@ -52,9 +52,6 @@ meta_window_ensure_frame (MetaWindow *window)
if (window->frame)
/* See comment below for why this is required. */
meta_display_grab (window->display);
frame = g_new (MetaFrame, 1);
frame->window = window;
......@@ -120,14 +117,6 @@ meta_window_ensure_frame (MetaWindow *window)
meta_display_register_x_window (window->display, &frame->xwindow, window);
/* Reparent the client window; it may be destroyed,
* thus the error trap. We'll get a destroy notify later
* and free everything. Comment in FVWM source code says
* we need a server grab or the child can get its MapNotify
* before we've finished reparenting and getting the decoration
* window onscreen, so ensure_frame must be called with
* a grab.
meta_error_trap_push (window->display);
if (window->mapped)
......@@ -170,8 +159,6 @@ meta_window_ensure_frame (MetaWindow *window)
/* Move keybindings to frame instead of window */
meta_window_grab_keys (window);
meta_display_ungrab (window->display);
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