Commit 68ec9ac0 authored by Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan

wayland: No xdg-output events without a logical monitor

To avoid a known race condition in the wl_output protocol documented in, mutter delays the `wl_output`
destruction but nullify the `logical_monitor` associated with the
`wl_output` and the binding routine `bind_output()` makes sure not to
send wl_output events if the `logical_monitor` is `NULL` (see commit

The binding routine for `xdg_output` however does not check for such a
condition, hence if the output configuration changes while a client is
binding to xdg-output (typically Xwayland at startup), mutter would
crash while trying to access the `logical_monitor` which was nullified
by the change in configuration.

Just like `bind_output()` does for wl_output, do not send xdg-output
events if there is no `logical_monitor` yet.

Closes: #194
parent 8dcac664
......@@ -591,6 +591,9 @@ meta_xdg_output_manager_get_xdg_output (struct wl_client *client,
wayland_output->xdg_output_resources =
g_list_prepend (wayland_output->xdg_output_resources, xdg_output_resource);
if (!wayland_output->logical_monitor)
send_xdg_output_events (xdg_output_resource,
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