Commit 626e4965 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

shaped-texture: Remove silly ClutterPaintVolume code with slightly less silly ClutterActorBox code

parent a15042b7
......@@ -499,32 +499,23 @@ meta_shaped_texture_get_paint_volume (ClutterActor *actor,
ClutterPaintVolume *volume)
MetaShapedTexture *self = META_SHAPED_TEXTURE (actor);
ClutterActorBox box;
cairo_rectangle_int_t unobscured_bounds;
if (!clutter_paint_volume_set_from_allocation (volume, actor))
if (!clutter_actor_has_allocation (actor))
return FALSE;
clutter_actor_get_allocation_box (actor, &box);
if (meta_shaped_texture_get_unobscured_bounds (self, &unobscured_bounds))
ClutterVertex origin;
cairo_rectangle_int_t bounds;
/* I hate ClutterPaintVolume so much... */
clutter_paint_volume_get_origin (volume, &origin);
bounds.x = origin.x;
bounds.y = origin.y;
bounds.width = clutter_paint_volume_get_width (volume);
bounds.height = clutter_paint_volume_get_height (volume);
gdk_rectangle_intersect (&bounds, &unobscured_bounds, &bounds);
origin.x = bounds.x;
origin.y = bounds.y;
clutter_paint_volume_set_origin (volume, &origin);
clutter_paint_volume_set_width (volume, bounds.width);
clutter_paint_volume_set_height (volume, bounds.height);
box.x1 = MAX (unobscured_bounds.x, box.x1);
box.x2 = MIN (unobscured_bounds.x + unobscured_bounds.width, box.x2);
box.y1 = MAX (unobscured_bounds.y, box.y1);
box.y2 = MIN (unobscured_bounds.y + unobscured_bounds.height, box.y2);
clutter_paint_volume_union_box (volume, &box);
return TRUE;
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