Commit 39d26be9 authored by Daniel Drake's avatar Daniel Drake

screen: use stack tracker for initial window query

In meta_screen_manage_all_windows() we can use our own stack
tracker to get the list of windows - no need to query X again.

A copy is needed because the stack gets modified as part of the loop.
Specifically, meta_stack_tracker_get_stack() at this time returns the
predicted stack, and meta_window_new() performs a few operations
(e.g. framing) which cause immediate changes to the predicted stack.
parent 7bfc9109
......@@ -883,9 +883,9 @@ meta_screen_free (MetaScreen *screen,
meta_screen_manage_all_windows (MetaScreen *screen)
Window ignored1, ignored2;
Window *children;
guint n_children, i;
MetaStackWindow *_children;
MetaStackWindow *children;
int n_children, i;
meta_display_grab (screen->display);
......@@ -894,20 +894,18 @@ meta_screen_manage_all_windows (MetaScreen *screen)
meta_screen_create_guard_window (screen->display->xdisplay, screen);
meta_stack_freeze (screen->stack);
meta_stack_tracker_get_stack (screen->stack_tracker, &_children, &n_children);
XQueryTree (screen->display->xdisplay,
&ignored1, &ignored2, &children, &n_children);
/* Copy the stack as it will be modified as part of the loop */
children = g_memdup (_children, sizeof (MetaStackWindow) * n_children);
for (i = 0; i < n_children; ++i)
meta_window_new (screen->display, children[i], TRUE,
meta_window_new (screen->display, children[i].x11.xwindow, TRUE,
if (children)
XFree (children);
g_free (children);
meta_stack_thaw (screen->stack);
meta_display_ungrab (screen->display);
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