Commit 31b50590 authored by Alberts Muktupāvels's avatar Alberts Muktupāvels Committed by Marco Trevisan

input-settings: Fix a typo in tap-and-drag setting

parent ebff7fd7
......@@ -1088,7 +1088,7 @@ meta_input_settings_changed_cb (GSettings *settings,
update_device_natural_scroll (input_settings, NULL);
else if (strcmp (key, "tap-to-click") == 0)
update_touchpad_tap_enabled (input_settings, NULL);
else if (strcmp (key, "tap-and_drag") == 0)
else if (strcmp (key, "tap-and-drag") == 0)
update_touchpad_tap_and_drag_enabled (input_settings, NULL);
else if (strcmp(key, "disable-while-typing") == 0)
update_touchpad_disable_while_typing (input_settings, NULL);
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