Commit 22884b0b authored by Robert Mader's avatar Robert Mader Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

shaped-texture: Use draw_rectangle() for full paints

This reverts a change introduced in edfe5cc3 to use `paint_clipped_rectangle()`
instead of `cogl_framebuffer_draw_rectangle()` for full paints as it
contained logic necessary for viewport src-rects. This is not longer the case.

parent d2415da0
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......@@ -757,11 +757,10 @@ do_paint (MetaShapedTexture *stex,
/* 3) blended_tex_region is NULL. Do a full paint. */
paint_clipped_rectangle (stex,
cogl_framebuffer_draw_rectangle (fb, blended_pipeline,
0, 0,
alloc.x2 - alloc.x1,
alloc.y2 - alloc.y1);
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