Commit 1d7476a7 authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor

Allow a theme to specify ellipsize width for a title

It's nice to indicate when a title is truncated with an ellipsis.
Because themes may draw a title multiple times to draw a shadow, or
may include the window icon within the title area, we can't determine
the proper ellipsization width automatically, so add an optional
attribute to the <title/> element "ellipsize_width" which, if set,
is the width to ellipsize at.

This is only enabled if a theme version of 3.1 is required.

When it's not set, we keep the old behavior of just letting the
title be clipped with a hard edge.
parent e8e78ebf
......@@ -32,6 +32,10 @@ Additional predefined variables are added for positioning expressions:
frame_y_center: the Y center of the entire frame, with respect to the
piece currently being drawn.
The <title/> element now supports an "ellipsize_width" attribute. When
specified, this gives a width at which to ellipsize the title. If not
specified, the title will simply be clipped to the title area.
New Features in Theme Format Version 3
......@@ -501,6 +501,7 @@ meta_frames_ensure_layout (MetaFrames *frames,
frame->layout = gtk_widget_create_pango_layout (widget, frame->title);
pango_layout_set_ellipsize (frame->layout, PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_END);
pango_layout_set_auto_dir (frame->layout, FALSE);
font_desc = meta_gtk_widget_get_font_desc (widget, scale,
......@@ -2584,12 +2584,14 @@ parse_draw_op_element (GMarkupParseContext *context,
const char *color;
const char *x;
const char *y;
const char *ellipsize_width;
MetaColorSpec *color_spec;
if (!locate_attributes (context, element_name, attribute_names, attribute_values,
"!color", &color,
"!x", &x, "!y", &y,
"ellipsize_width", &ellipsize_width,
......@@ -2599,8 +2601,18 @@ parse_draw_op_element (GMarkupParseContext *context,
if (!check_expression (y, FALSE, info->theme, context, error))
if (!check_expression (ellipsize_width, FALSE, info->theme, context, error))
if (ellipsize_width && peek_required_version (info) < 3001)
set_error (error, context, G_MARKUP_ERROR, G_MARKUP_ERROR_PARSE,
ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND, "ellipsize_width", element_name);
/* Check last so we don't have to free it when other
* stuff fails
......@@ -2617,6 +2629,8 @@ parse_draw_op_element (GMarkupParseContext *context,
op->data.title.x = meta_draw_spec_new (info->theme, x, NULL);
op->data.title.y = meta_draw_spec_new (info->theme, y, NULL);
if (ellipsize_width)
op->data.title.ellipsize_width = meta_draw_spec_new (info->theme, ellipsize_width, NULL);
g_assert (info->op_list);
......@@ -2884,6 +2884,8 @@ meta_draw_op_free (MetaDrawOp *op)
meta_draw_spec_free (op->data.title.x);
meta_draw_spec_free (op->data.title.y);
if (op->data.title.ellipsize_width)
meta_draw_spec_free (op->data.title.ellipsize_width);
......@@ -3756,6 +3758,7 @@ meta_draw_op_draw_with_env (const MetaDrawOp *op,
if (info->title_layout)
int rx, ry;
PangoRectangle ink_rect, logical_rect;
gc = get_gc_for_primitive (widget, drawable,
......@@ -3764,10 +3767,47 @@ meta_draw_op_draw_with_env (const MetaDrawOp *op,
rx = parse_x_position_unchecked (op->data.title.x, env);
ry = parse_y_position_unchecked (op->data.title.y, env);
if (op->data.title.ellipsize_width)
int ellipsize_width;
int right_bearing;
ellipsize_width = parse_x_position_unchecked (op->data.title.ellipsize_width, env);
/* HACK: parse_x_position_unchecked adds in env->rect.x, subtract out again */
ellipsize_width -= env->rect.x;
pango_layout_set_width (info->title_layout, -1);
pango_layout_get_pixel_extents (info->title_layout,
&ink_rect, &logical_rect);
/* Pango's idea of ellipsization is with respect to the logical rect.
* correct for this, by reducing the ellipsization width by the overflow
* of the un-ellipsized text on the right... it's always the visual
* right we want regardless of bidi, since since the X we pass in to
* gdk_draw_layout() is always the left edge of the line.
right_bearing = (ink_rect.x + ink_rect.width) - (logical_rect.x + logical_rect.width);
right_bearing = MAX (right_bearing, 0);
ellipsize_width -= right_bearing;
ellipsize_width = MAX (ellipsize_width, 0);
/* Only ellipsizing when necessary is a performance optimization -
* pango_layout_set_width() will force a relayout if it isn't the
* same as the current width of -1.
if (ellipsize_width < logical_rect.width)
pango_layout_set_width (info->title_layout, PANGO_SCALE * ellipsize_width);
gdk_draw_layout (drawable, gc,
rx, ry,
/* Remove any ellipsization we might have set; will short-circuit
* if the width is already -1 */
pango_layout_set_width (info->title_layout, -1);
g_object_unref (G_OBJECT (gc));
......@@ -4326,7 +4366,7 @@ meta_frame_style_draw_with_style (MetaFrameStyle *style,
GdkRectangle bottom_titlebar_edge;
GdkRectangle top_titlebar_edge;
GdkRectangle left_edge, right_edge, bottom_edge;
PangoRectangle extents;
PangoRectangle logical_rect;
MetaDrawInfo draw_info;
g_return_if_fail (style_gtk->colormap == gdk_drawable_get_colormap (drawable));
......@@ -4373,13 +4413,13 @@ meta_frame_style_draw_with_style (MetaFrameStyle *style,
if (title_layout)
pango_layout_get_pixel_extents (title_layout,
NULL, &extents);
NULL, &logical_rect);
draw_info.mini_icon = mini_icon;
draw_info.icon = icon;
draw_info.title_layout = title_layout;
draw_info.title_layout_width = title_layout ? extents.width : 0;
draw_info.title_layout_height = title_layout ? extents.height : 0;
draw_info.title_layout_width = title_layout ? logical_rect.width : 0;
draw_info.title_layout_height = title_layout ? logical_rect.height : 0;
draw_info.fgeom = fgeom;
/* The enum is in the order the pieces should be rendered. */
......@@ -534,6 +534,7 @@ struct _MetaDrawOp
MetaColorSpec *color_spec;
MetaDrawSpec *x;
MetaDrawSpec *y;
MetaDrawSpec *ellipsize_width;
} title;
struct {
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