Commit 12710dc6 authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl

clutter/stage: Add capture_into API

Add API similar to clutter_stage_capture() but that draws into
externally allocated memory. It is assumed that the pixel format is
ARGB32, and the memory is structured in a way that the width of the
passed rectangle is identical to the stride divided by 4.
parent a10ad577
......@@ -40,6 +40,12 @@ gboolean _clutter_get_sync_to_vblank (void);
int64_t clutter_stage_get_frame_counter (ClutterStage *stage);
void clutter_stage_capture_into (ClutterStage *stage,
gboolean paint,
cairo_rectangle_int_t *rect,
uint8_t *data);
#endif /* __CLUTTER_MUTTER_H__ */
......@@ -4810,3 +4810,82 @@ clutter_stage_capture (ClutterStage *stage,
return TRUE;
static void
capture_view_into (ClutterStage *stage,
gboolean paint,
ClutterStageView *view,
cairo_rectangle_int_t *rect,
uint8_t *data,
int stride)
CoglFramebuffer *framebuffer;
ClutterBackend *backend;
CoglContext *context;
CoglBitmap *bitmap;
cairo_rectangle_int_t view_layout;
framebuffer = clutter_stage_view_get_framebuffer (view);
if (paint)
_clutter_stage_maybe_setup_viewport (stage, view);
cogl_push_framebuffer (framebuffer);
clutter_stage_do_paint_view (stage, view, rect);
backend = clutter_get_default_backend ();
context = clutter_backend_get_cogl_context (backend);
bitmap = cogl_bitmap_new_for_data (context,
rect->width, rect->height,
clutter_stage_view_get_layout (view, &view_layout);
cogl_framebuffer_read_pixels_into_bitmap (framebuffer,
rect->x - view_layout.x,
rect->y - view_layout.y,
if (paint)
cogl_pop_framebuffer ();
cogl_object_unref (bitmap);
clutter_stage_capture_into (ClutterStage *stage,
gboolean paint,
cairo_rectangle_int_t *rect,
uint8_t *data)
ClutterStagePrivate *priv = stage->priv;
GList *views = _clutter_stage_window_get_views (priv->impl);
GList *l;
for (l = views; l; l = l->next)
ClutterStageView *view = l->data;
cairo_rectangle_int_t view_layout;
cairo_region_t *region;
cairo_rectangle_int_t view_capture_rect;
int offset;
const int bpp = 4;
clutter_stage_view_get_layout (view, &view_layout);
region = cairo_region_create_rectangle (&view_layout);
cairo_region_intersect_rectangle (region, rect);
cairo_region_get_extents (region, &view_capture_rect);
cairo_region_destroy (region);
if (view_capture_rect.width == 0 || view_capture_rect.height == 0)
offset = bpp * (view_capture_rect.y * rect->width + view_capture_rect.x);
capture_view_into (stage, paint, view, &view_capture_rect,
data + offset, rect->width * bpp);
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