Commit 0caf7381 authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor

display: Don't leave focus on a window we are unmanaging when sending WM_TAKE_FOCUS

When we move focus elsewhere when unmanaging a window, we *need* to move
the focus, so if the target is globally active, move the focus to the
no-focus-window in anticipation that the focus will normally get moved
to the right window when the target window responds to WM_TAKE_FOCUS.

If the window doesn't respond to WM_TAKE_FOCUS, then focus will be left
on the no-focus-window, but there's no way to distinguish whether the
app will respond or not.
parent a42305ed
......@@ -6363,6 +6363,25 @@ meta_window_focus (MetaWindow *window,
"Sending WM_TAKE_FOCUS to %s since take_focus = true\n",
if (!window->input)
/* The "Globally Active Input" window case, where the window
* doesn't want us to call XSetInputFocus on it, but does
* want us to send a WM_TAKE_FOCUS.
* Normally, we want to just leave the focus undisturbed until
* the window respnds to WM_TAKE_FOCUS, but if we're unmanaging
* the current focus window we *need* to move the focus away, so
* we focus the no_focus_window now (and set
* display->focus_window to that) before sending WM_TAKE_FOCUS.
if (window->display->focus_window != NULL &&
meta_display_focus_the_no_focus_window (window->display,
meta_display_request_take_focus (window->display,
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