Commit 0ae7ef4b authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl

region-utils: Some whitespace fixes

Related: #300
parent 556ed7b9
...@@ -92,11 +92,12 @@ void meta_region_iterator_init (MetaRegionIterator *iter, ...@@ -92,11 +92,12 @@ void meta_region_iterator_init (MetaRegionIterator *iter,
gboolean meta_region_iterator_at_end (MetaRegionIterator *iter); gboolean meta_region_iterator_at_end (MetaRegionIterator *iter);
void meta_region_iterator_next (MetaRegionIterator *iter); void meta_region_iterator_next (MetaRegionIterator *iter);
cairo_region_t *meta_region_scale (cairo_region_t *region, int scale); cairo_region_t * meta_region_scale (cairo_region_t *region,
int scale);
cairo_region_t *meta_make_border_region (cairo_region_t *region, cairo_region_t * meta_make_border_region (cairo_region_t *region,
int x_amount, int x_amount,
int y_amount, int y_amount,
gboolean flip); gboolean flip);
#endif /* __META_REGION_UTILS_H__ */ #endif /* __META_REGION_UTILS_H__ */
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