Commit 02e80af2 authored by Sam Spilsbury's avatar Sam Spilsbury Committed by Marco Trevisan

actor: Fix logic error in determining terminal effect for paint volume

Previously we were checking l->data != NULL || (l->data != NULL &&
l->data != priv->current_effect). This would continue the loop even
if l->data == priv->current_effect, since l->data != NULL, which was
not the intention of that loop.

We also don't need to check that l->data != NULL before checking if
it does not match the current_effect, since we already checked
that current_effect was non-NULL before entering the loop.

(cherry picked from commit 4270eef1)
parent 398f03bd
......@@ -17485,7 +17485,7 @@ _clutter_actor_get_paint_volume_real (ClutterActor *self,
effects = _clutter_meta_group_peek_metas (priv->effects);
for (l = effects;
l != NULL || (l != NULL && l->data != priv->current_effect);
l != NULL && l->data != priv->current_effect;
l = l->next)
if (!_clutter_effect_get_paint_volume (l->data, pv))
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