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    Comprehensively rename to Mutter · 51a64679
    Jon Nettleton authored
    All references in the code not related to themes, keybindings, or
    GConf were changed from 'metacity' to 'mutter'. This includes, among other
    things, strings, comments, the atoms used in the message protocol, and
    the envvars used for debugging. The GConf schema file was reduced to
    the 3 settings new to mutter.
    The overall version was brought up to 2.27 to match current gnome.
    All files named '*metacity*' were renamed '*mutter*' with appropriate
    changes in the automake system.  Files removed are
    doc/creating_themes, src/themes, doc/metacity-theme.dtd,
    metacity.doap.  These files will eventually end up in an external
    gnome-wm-data module.
    Installation location:
    On the filesystem the mutter-plugindir was change from
    $(libdir)/metacity/plugins/clutter to just $(libdir)/mutter/plugins.
    The mutter-plugins.pc.in reflects these changes.
    mutter.desktop.in and mutter-wm.desktop both continue to have
    X-GNOME-WMSettingsModule=metacity set.  This allows
    gnome-control-center to continue using libmetacity.so for
    configuration.  This is fine since most the general keybindings and wm
    settings are being read from /apps/metacity/* in gconf.
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