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    window: Don't try to map / unmap OR windows by ourselves · 34979c3f
    Jasper St. Pierre authored
    This is bad behavior, and can also cause us to get in an infinite loop
    if an OR window is mapped and unmapped in quick succession. This
    sequence causes a MapNotify followed by an UnmapNotify, and when
    processing the events, we'll call XMapWindow, XUnmapWindow, which will
    put another set of MapNotify, UnmapNotify events in our queue, which we
    then process by calling XMapWindow, XUnmapWindow, and so it goes
    forever, or at least some scheduler uncorks us by making us call
    XMapWindow when the window is already mapped, or XUnmapWindow when the
    window is already unmapped.
    We can stop this madness by simply making sure never to call neither
    XMapWindow or XUnmapWindow on OR windows, which is the correct thing to
    do anyway.