New paint nodes

Georges Basile Stavracas Neto requested to merge gbsneto/new-nodes into master

This merge request adds a few extra paint nodes that will be useful for transitioning to a fully retained rendering tree. The new paint nodes are:

  • ClutterTransformNode: applies a transform matrix (translation, rotation, scale, or skew) to the framebuffer; actors pretty much always use this.
  • ClutterLayerNode: expose the layer node; may be useful for updating ClutterOffscreenEffect, though more API will probably be necessary in the future.
  • ClutterActorNode: helper node for the transition; right now, it's a glorified call to clutter_actor_continue_paint(), which also paints the effects; after porting ClutterEffects to paint nodes, it'll be more of a synchronization point (i.e. will emit the "paint" signal on the actor.)

This merge request also adds a proof-of-concept port to ClutterActorNode. It just works 🙂

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