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build: Allow disabling X11

Bilal Elmoussaoui requested to merge bilelmoussaoui/x11-build-option into main

This patch is a proposal to have a working Wayland only builds without blocking on #3363.

We still also need to do two things to fix some gobject introspection warnings in Wayland-only builds but they are not blockers per-see.

  • Investigate if we can remove the meta_window_x11_get_group / meta_group_list_windows usages from GNOME Shell as they are X11 only APIs
../src/meta/group.h:37: Warning: Meta: meta_group_list_windows: return value: Missing (element-type) annotation
../src/meta/group.h:34: Warning: Meta: meta_window_x11_get_group: return value: Invalid non-constant return of bare structure or union; register as boxed type, add (copy-func) and (free-func), or (skip)
  • Possibly revert eb1d1883 ../src/meta/meta-plugin.h:41: Warning: Meta: symbol='XEvent': Skipping foreign identifier 'XEvent' from namespace xfixes

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Closes #2272 (closed)

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