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Draft: Add Support for Display Hardware/engine based adaptive sharpening.

Adarsh G M requested to merge adarshgm/mutter:adaptive_sharpness_filter into main


  • This draft MR intends to provide basic support to the Display hardware based adaptive sharpening feature which can be found in Introduce drm sharpening property
  • User space is expected to provide filter strength value via the exposed CRTC property, kernel would apply required scalar and compute filter-coefficients w.r.t to user provided filter strength.

Implementation in Mutter:

CRTC Support:

  • An UAPI as Pipe/CRTC property would be exposed to the user space to get required filter strength value ranging from 0-255, CRTC support is required from mutter.

Options for user to enter the filter Strength value:

  • Currently provision for user has been provided to update the required value of filter strength with help of an environment variable "ADAPTIVE_SHARPNESS_FILTER_STRENGTH".
  • A provision to Provide Filter strength via GNOME Shell's integrated debugger Looking Glass shall be made in the future commits to make it more user friendly.

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