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core: Include a small subset of xcursor in-tree

Bilal Elmoussaoui requested to merge bilelmoussaoui/x11-round-6 into main

For a Wayland only build, we would like to avoid linking against libXcursor which on it turn, links back to some of the X11 deps. In order to achieve that, we include a small subset of xcursor. The code kept as it was with only slightly code style changes and replacing the internal XcursorBool with gboolean

In case Mutter is built with X11 or with both Wayland & X11, we link against libXcursor and don't make use of the in-tree implementation.

This patch mimics what GTK 4 do by shipping an in-tree copy of xcursor. Especially that libwayland-cursor does not provide an alternative to xcursor itself.

Helps #2272 (closed)

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