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wayland/client: Add make_desktop() method

Florian Müllner requested to merge fmuellner/mutter:desktop-icons into main

There are existing extensions that implement desktop icons as a combination of a GTK program and a small extension to make the wayland window behave as if it was of type DESKTOP on X11.

That's quite painful, as it requires reimplementing WM behavior that is already implemented in mutter itself (stacking, stickiness, skip-taskbar, ...), as well as modifying gnome-shell to consider the window in addition to "real" DESKTOP windows (workspace-switch animations, ctrl-alt-tab, ...).

In addition to that, other extensions may also have special handling of DESKTOP windows, and their code cannot easily be monkey-patched to handle "alternative" desktop icons.

This whole game of whack-a-mole can easily be avoided by allowing desktop-icons extensions to mark their desktop windows as DESKTOP, so do just that.

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