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Draft: frames: Use libadwaita to style legacy X11 windows

Julia Johannesen requested to merge K4rakara/mutter:libadwaita into main

Styles legacy X11 windows that use server side decorations using libadwaita, to make them feel less out of place. Note that since Mutter is also used by Pantheon, which does not use libadwaita styling, this functionality is enabled conditionally. If XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is set to GNOME or MUTTER_USE_ADWAITA is set to 1.

Additionally, this adds a style class, ssd-frame to the GtkHeaderBar that is parented by MetaFrameHeader, so that libadwaita can properly target it for styling. It needs this in order to add a line that divides the windows headerbar from its content.

Fixes: #2830

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