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screen-cast/src: Never dequeue pw_buffer's we refuse to record to

The DMA buffer paths vs MemFd paths differ slightly in when content is recorded. This was in some places done by trying to record but bail if the dequeued buffer had the wrong type. This is problematic for two reasons: we'd update the timestamp even if we refused to record, making the follow-up attempt fail, and we'd dequeue and queue buffers that didn't get any content, meaning the receiving end would see empty buffers potentially with only cursor updates.

Fix this by keeping track if a stream is DMA buffer able or not, and don't attempt to record at all in the places we would previously require DMA buffers. This avoids both issues: we don't dequeue/queue pw_buffers that we refuse to record to, and we won't update the recorded timestamp when we didn't intend to record to begin with.

Closes: #2783 (closed)

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